Pills of BIO

I received a PhD (with Excellent mark) in Computer Science and Data Science from the University of Molise (Italy) in April 2021 advised by Prof. Rocco Oliveto, defending a thesis entitled "Innovative Information Systems to Monitor Biomedical Parameters during High Demanding Tasks". I also received (magna cum laude) a Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering for Automation and Telecommunications from the University of Sannio (Italy) in 2017 advised by Prof. Massimiliano di Penta, defending a thesis in Software Engineering entitled "Boundary Value Detection in the validation of Car crash messages". Regarding my acadamic background, I finally received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Sannio in 2013 advised by Prof. Luca De Vito, defending a thesis entitled "Acoustic system for measuring the speed of vehicular traffic integrated on road barrier". For what concerns my work experience, for around two years (January 2016 - October 2017), I worked as Software Testing and Quality Assurance Engineer c/o Octo Telematics in Rome (Italy). After, I beacme a professor of “Electronic Systems” at the “E. Mattei“ Industrial High School in Milan (Italy) and then "Computer Science" Professor in two Industrial High Schools in Caserta (Italy). I am currently an IT specialist c/o INPS and a Post Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Biosciences and Territory of University of Molise. My research interests include Health Informatics, Biometrics in Software Engineering, Machine Learning and Signal Processing. I am the recipient of a best paper award at the proceedings of HEALTHINF 2020 for presenting MORPHYTHM, an approach for the automatic detection of Atrial Fibrillation episodes. I serve as a reviewer for the journals Computers in Biology and Medicine (Elsevier), Expert Systems with applications (Elsevier), Measurement (Elsevier), Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, Physiological Measurement (IOP science) and for the IEEE I2MTC and USBEREIT conferences.

BIO in moments

The day I was able to dedicate a paper to my son

17/02/2023 - AOE

In this study, I got the chance to name the software tool after my son. GIULYO (video-based GaIt tool for the aUtomatic anaLysis of rehabilitation qualitY in post strOke survivors) is an algorithm that takes care of automatically identifying muscle activity during a human walking path.

Poets dedicate poems, astronomers celestial bodies, a researcher dedicates papers.

Joining the INPS adventure

21/03/2022 - Istituto Nazionale di Previdenza Sociale

Almost by accident in October 2020, I opted to apply for the INPS competition for 165 computer scientists. After the time dilation that the pandemic caused, I had almost removed that I had applied for the competition. However, I decided to face the tests and, yes, here I am facing one of the most unexpected experiences of my life. I approach this adventure with the spirit of curiosity that is my hallmark, hoping that I will be able to try my hand at new challenges. Stay tuned ...

When you get to be colleague of a professor of yours

15/12/2021 - ISISS "Piedimonte Matese" (CE) Serale

Can you possibly imagine that one day of your life you will be colleague of an old professor of yours? Well, that's happened to me. I had the pleasure to be student and colleague of Antonio Adinolfi, a great teacher and a great man.

I love Matese <3

28/10/2021 - ISISS "Piedimonte Matese" (CE) Serale

My second year of teaching took place in the Matese area, specifically in Piedimonte Matese in an industrial institute specializing in Computer Science and Telecommunications. The peculiarities of this school year were two: the first is that the MIUR assigned me to a night school for adults and the second is that I was assigned the same laboratory teacher as the previous year. The latter, in particular, is a very rare occurrence, which is why Eugenio and I have formed a strong bond.

My first time as state exam commissioner

22/06/2021 - ISISS "Taddeo Da Sessa", Sessa Aurunca (CE)

Being the teacher of Systems and Networks, I was designated as an internal commissioner for the state exams of the school year 2020/21. It was a very positive and fun experience, I got to see the conclusion of the school career of my guys and in particular I had the opportunity to live a very formative experience. The president of the commission is the principal of a scientific high school, his name is Diamante Marotta and he is also an established journalist from the Caserta area.

The school year as Computer Science Professor in Sessa

29/05/2021 - ISISS "Taddeo Da Sessa", Sessa Aurunca (CE)

Going from the suburbs of Milan to the suburbs of Caserta was a snap. I had been missing from high school desk since 2017, and at the end of 2020 I was preparing to return to the trenches again. Although the year was marked by the worldwide pandemic of covid-19, and thus much of the school year was disbursed in DAD, I formed a very strong bond with the class, so much so that I still check in with some of them to advise them on what future to pursue. Ah, I almost forgot: caserta >> milan.

The day of the Defense

14/04/2021 - Online Streaming

I was really anxious that day. It was the end of a path that I was not so sure of starting in its time. And then the committee: all researchers of the highest level, with many international awards. Unfortunately the session was held via online streaming because of the covid, but this meant that everyone could participate. It's true that they gave me a lot of anxiety but I really wanted to have an important committee for the day of my defense. The discussion lasted about two hours, including presentation and questions and at the end, to my surprise, I was awarded the highest rating: excellent. I couldn't believe it. I had done it! For this, I will always thank Rocco, my thesis reviewers (M. D'Ambros in particular) and the professors on the defense committee: G. Bavota, N. Novielli, S. Ricciardi.

My first international best paper award

26/02/2020 - La Valletta (Malta)

The HealthInf 2020 conference was almost over, Simone and I were coming back from the closing refreshments and we were about to take the elevator back to our room. When the elevator doors opened, we saw the General Chair of the conference, Prof. F. Cabitza, coming out and saying in Italian, "Don't leave!". What did he mean? Soon there was the ceremony of the best paper awards and everything made me imagine something like that. In fact, that's what happened! To sum up: my first international award was spoiled during a change in the elevator. But that didn't matter to me: what really matters is to have won it and to have received it from Prof. Cabitza.

My debut at an international conference

28/06/2019 - Istanbul (Turkey)

Imagine a scorching summer in Turkey, in Istanbul in late June. Imagine that to enter the university where you have to present your first international paper you have to pass through metal detector controls because of security and to manage the risk of attacks. In this climate, I had the opportunity to approach my first presentation of a work: I admit I was a bit clumsy but it didn't go badly. In return, I got to know one of the most beautiful cultures in the world and the most fascinating city I have ever visited.

My first time as Universitary Professor

10/03/2018 - Pesche (IS)

Since the very first months of my PhD, Rocco gave me the opportunity to carry on the technical part of the English course. So, computer science topics to be covered in English. I was very intrigued by this experience and I immediately accepted with enthusiasm. The topics I covered were: Computer Architecture, Assembly, Binary System, Boolean Algebra, Logic Gates, Algorithms and Programs, Operating Systems. To date, I'm up to 4 years of consecutive courses and I must admit: I've always had a lot of fun.

A proud member of the STAKE Lab

Since the very beginning of the PhD - Social Dinner of Saner at Campobasso (CB)

Being a member of Stake Lab means being part of the group headed by Rocco, one of the most important researchers in the world in the field of computer science. Not a bad starting point, right? Moreover, being a member of the Stake Lab means being able to reason with Simone on how to solve technical problems on a paper, on how to set up an experiment with Giovanni or on which topic to troll Valentina, day by day. Being a Stake Lab member means only one thing: total collaboration.

Selected as PhD candidate and getting to work with Rocco as advisor

01/11/2017 - Pesche (IS)

On the first of November 2017, my research career officially started. From that day on, I never stopped loving my job in the research field. I had the great fortune to have Professor Rocco Oliveto accompany me on this journey. From him I had the opportunity to observe and study how to approach the work in scientific research: rigor, method and passion. If today I love research and my work, much of the credit goes to him. 

This photo was taken in Viareggio (LU) right the night before an important work meeting.

Time to face a class: my first experience as a High School Professor

27/10/2017 - San Donato Milanese (MI)

The outskirts of Milan was the place that welcomed me, for the first time, as a high school teacher. It was a brief but rich and very meaningful experience. One of the things I appreciated most was the multi-ethnicity of the classes I was going to.

Master degree in electronic engineering

25/05/2017 - Benevento (Italy)

The exact title of my degree is "Electronic Engineering for Automation and Telecommunications".

The photo was taken during the party  on the very same night of the proclamation day.

The OCTO biennium

20/04/2016 - Rome (RM)

In early 2016, I was selected as a Quality Assurance (QA) Test Engineer c/o Octo Telematics. I was mainly in charge of testing M2M flows, WEB services and CRM functionalities that Octo was offering to its customers. Once I gained the trust of the test area managers, I had the chance to manage the testing activities for an important Russian customer.

From left to right: Antonio "Divino" Di Vico, Antonio Giangrande, Ale, Me (Giacomino always at work)

Conference attendance in Seville (ES)

17/03/2015 - Sevilla (ES)

Thanks to our super professor Eladio Duran Aranda, Professor of Power Electronics, we had to chance to attend to an important electronic conference in Sevilla, Spain. This was my very first participation to an international conference.

From left to right: Matias, Yo, Yanluca, No me acuerdo, Juan Manuel, Antonio

Bachelor Degree in computer science engineering

24/07/2013 - Benevento (Italy)

From left to right: Prof. Daponte, Myself, Giuseppe Antonio Raimondo, Prof. Luca De Vito